Marc Ribot

Asmodeus - Book of Angels - Vol. 7 (TZ 7362)

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Asmodeus - Book of Angels - Vol. 7

Marc Ribot



TZA 116361

TZ 7362



Asmodeus: Book of Angels Vol 7

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Three of the most intense musicians on the planet come together in one of the most explosive and rockin’ ensembles around.

An original member of the Masada family since its inception, no one is more keenly equipped to handle a rock trio interpretation of the Book of Angels than Marc Ribot. Joined here by the versatile Trevor Dunn (Fantomas, Moonchild) on bass and the legendary G.Calvin Weston (Ornette Coleman, James Blood Ulmer) on drums, Marc plays like never before, referencing Hendrix, Sharrock, McLaughlin, Ulmer and more. Masada music takes on a whole new dimension. Passionate and powerful, this is one of the most compelling installments in the entire Masada series and contains some of Ribot’s wildest and best playing ever. This CD will blow your mind.


  • John Zorn - (composer, conductor)
  • Trevor Dunn - (bass)
  • Marc Ribot - (guitar)
  • G. Calvin Weston - (drums)


  • 01. Kalmiya
  • 02. Yezriel
  • 03. Kezef
  • 04. Mufgar
  • 05. Armaros
  • 06. Cabriel
  • 07. Zakun
  • 08. Raziel
  • 09. Dagiel
  • 10. Sensenya