Chico Hamilton

The Chico Hamilton Trio (FSRCD 471)

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The Chico Hamilton Trio

Chico Hamilton

Fresh Sound Records


ZZZ 117184




The Chico Hamilton Trio

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These are among the most resourceful jazz trio sessions recorded on the West Coast during the prolific Fifties, replete with all the power, invention and tremendous feeling of the original Chico Hamilton trio. Chico’s drumming is superbly complemented by the remarkable musicianship of veteran bassist, George Duvivier, and by two highly creative thennewcomers: guitarists Howard Roberts (1-8) and the great Jim Hall (9- 11). Notable for its consistently imaginative interplay, the playing is also characterized by a surprisingly extensive range of dynamics, tone colors, and rhythmic devices for a trio with this instrumentation. And the writing, variety throughout. Marked by Hamilton’s taste, intelligence and innate sense of drama, the set as a whole adds up to an unforgettable musical experience.


1. Broadway 3:06
2. Street Of Drums 3:17
3. What Is There To Say? 2:51
4. Nuttye 2:30
5. Buddy Boo 2:42
6. Uganda 4:41
7. Lollypop 2:17
8. We’ll Be Together Again 2:55
9. Autumn Landscape 3:41
10. Porch Light 3:59
11. Blues On The Rocks 3:05
12. Skynned Strings 5:14

RECORDED Sound Stage Studio, Hollywood, 1953-1954, Music Box Theatre, Hollywood, 1956