Warne Marsh

All Music (NCD-07)

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All Music

Warne Marsh



NES 117277




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Personnel: Warne Marsh, (ts), Lou Levy (p), Fred Atwood (b) & Jake Hanna (d).

Tracks: 1. I Have a Good One for You, 2. Background Music, 3. On Purpose, 4. 317 East 32nd, 5. Lunarcy, 6. Easy Living, 7. Subconscious-Lee.

Recorded: Sound Studios’, Chicago, IL., Friday, February 20, 1976.

Recorded during a Supersax tour. "All Music" is a straightahead blowing date from 1976 featuring Marsh backed by a redoubtable rhythm section. Tunes like Tristano’s "317 E. 32nd" and Lee Konitz’s "Subconscious-Lee" burn like rice paper dipped in lighter fluid. Both Levy and Hanna are top-drawer bop stylists, and Marsh is one of the all-time greats at the top of his game. Definitely not just for Tristo-philes or Marsh completists."- Chris Kelse, JAZZ TIMES

"In the 1970s Warne Marsh gained renewed exposure as a member of Supersax, a large ensemble which played orchestral arrangements of Charlie Parker solos; Marsh also recorded one of his most celebrated albums during this period, "All Music", with the Supersax rhythm section". - ALL ABOUT JAZZ

-The mid-1970s were a prime time for tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh and this 1976 studio session is one of his best dates from this portion of his career. Leading a quartet with pianist Lou Levy, bassist Fred Atwood and drummer Jake Hanna, Marsh’s sophisticated solo work shines no matter what the setting, be it his brisk bop vehicle "I Have a Good One For You," a warm rendition of a standard like "Easy Living" or Levy’s slow, engaging blues "On Purpose." The leader also revisits familiar territory with a wild take of Lennie Tristano’s "317 East 32nd" (itself based on the standard "Out of Nowhere" and also tackling frequent saxophone partner Lee Konitz’s "Subconscious-Lee" (based on "What is This Thing Called Love"). Recorded for the Nessa label, this excellent LP will be somewhat difficult to acquire." - Ken Dryden, ALL MUSIC GUIDE