Ketil Bjornstad

Sunrise - a Cantata on Texts by Edward Munch (ECM 2336)

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Sunrise - a Cantata on Texts by Edward Munch

Ketil Bjornstad



ECM 140099

ECM 2336



Sunrise - a Cantata on Texts by Edward Munch

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Ketil Bjørnstad previously explored the life of Edvard Munch in his acclaimed 1993 novel Historien om Edvard Munch. In the same period he also collaborated with singer Kari Bremnes on the album Løsrivelse, based around Munch texts. When invited to compose music for choir in 2011, Bjørnstad’s thoughts turned once again to Munch and to the writings, still not widely known, of the proto-Expressionist Norwegian painter. With these as his guide, Bjørnstad shaped Soloppgang (“Sunrise”) subtitled “A cantata on texts by Edvard Munch”.


Kari Bremnes, vocal
Aage Kvalbein, cello
Matias Bjørnstad , alto saxophone
Bjørn Kjellemyr, bass
Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen, percussion
Ketil Bjørnstad , piano
Oslo Chamber Choir
Egil Fossum ,conductor

Recorded April 2012 at Rainbow Studio, Oslo.


01. En rovfugl har satt seg fast i mitt indre
A Bird Of Pray Is Clinging To My Inner Being
02. Moren The Mother
03. Intet er lite Nothing Is Small
04. Jorden elskede luften The Earth Loved The Air
05. Resitativ I Recitative I
06. Stupet The Cliff
07. Som i en kirke As If They Were In A Church
08. Intermezzo I
09. Livets dans The Dance Of Life
10. Åpent vindu Open Window
11. Resitativ II Recitative II
12. Adskillelsen The Separation
13. Intermezzo II
14. Gravsten Gravestone
15. Resitativ III Recitative III
16. Alfa og Omega Alpha and Omega
17. De fineste nerver er rammet The Most Delicate Nerves Are Affected
18. Intermezzo III
19. Soloppgang Sunrise