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Over Tones (ECM 2315)

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Over Tones

Benedicte Maurseth



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ECM 2315



Over Tones

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Benedicte Maurseth and Åsne Valland Nordli come from Hardanger, in the West of Norway, where the regional folk music which is a central focus of their work continues to inspire them. They began to play the Hardanger fiddle and to sing traditional kveding while still very young, studying with the foremost masters in the area.

Maurseth and Valland Nordli first began working together in 2008 in the vocal project Fodne ho svara stilt with Berit Opheim and Sigbjørn Apeland, but collaboration in duo dates from 2011. While working together in an Oslo theatre project the two musicians discovered that they shared aesthetic affinities at many levels. In May 2011, the new duo went into Audun Strype’s studio in Oslo and played traditional folk music and newly-composed folk music, as well as free improvised music. The results are issued now as the album “Over Tones.”


BENEDICTE MAURSETH, hardanger fiddle, voice

Recorded May 2011 / Strype Audio, Oslo.


01. Alde
02. Veverskens tid
03. Slåtten hans Borgår
04. Overtone
05. Ales
06. Huldrespringar
07. Jesus gjør meg stille
08. Blåtone
09. Rameslått II
10. Kilden
11. Båtsong