Peter Kowald

Was Da Ist (Live) (CD 147)

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Was Da Ist (Live)

Peter Kowald



FMP 141607

CD 147



Was Da Ist (Live)

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From May 1994 to May 1995 Peter Kowald relocated to live and work in his native Wuppertal on his "am Ort", project (to live and work locally). This fertile time comprised a mixture of solo works out of which this solo album was produced to attests to Kowald’s standing as one of the world’s top improvisational bassists. This record also was one of only a rare few to be distinguished with a crown in the Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD, the highest rating awarded by the authors. Peter Kowald’s lifetime search to play in a complex and at the same time, simple manner is very well exposed in this record. It touches the listener on a philosophical level but never exempt from sensuality.

Peter Kowald solo bass

Recorded at Podewil, Berlin Recorded on 3 November 2000 during TMM compact at Podewil, Berlin