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Chamber Industrial (TZ 4008)

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Chamber Industrial

Per Bloland



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TZ 4008



Chamber Industrial

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Per Bloland studied at Stanford with Brian Ferneyhough and Mark Applebaum, has worked at IRCAM and Oberlin, and currently teaches at Miami University. His innovative sound world brilliantly blends custom built electronics with instrumental textures to create unique soundscapes unlike anything you’ve heard before. His work has been performed world wide to great acclaim and Tzadik is proud to present his first full CD release. Passionately performed by Ecce Ensemble Chamber Industrial is an exciting CD of acoustic and electroacoustic compositions filled with surprise and dramatic tension


  • Ecce Ensemble
  • John Aylward - (piano with electromagnets)
  • Doug Balliett - (double bass)
  • Vasko Dukovski - (clarinet)
  • Wei-Chieh Lin - (piano)
  • Jeffrey Means - (conductor)
  • Roberta Michel - (flute)
  • Tricia Park - (violin)
  • Vicki Powell - (viola)
  • Serafim Smigelskiy - (violoncello)
  • Philipp Stäudlin - (saxophone)
  • Elly Suh - (violin)
  • Mike Truesdell - (percussion)


  • 01. Solis-EA
  • 02. A Drift of Swine
  • 03. Wood Machine Music
  • 04. Of Dust and Sand
  • 05. ...walk now and then into the breath that blows coldly past…