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PSI 15.01



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" In the 1970s it was briefly believed that direct-cut might be the perfect medium for the committed real-time improviser since there was no way to edit a performance. Whereas with analogue tape - and the digital mediums still to come - you could splice and retouch indefinitely, direct-to-disc called for a leap of faith. You had to do the things in one pass. Steel yourself to play "perfectly" on honour your mistakes as hidden intentions. Blunder badly and a whole new master had to be cut out. The cost of recording sessions could quickly spiral out of control. For faithfulness of sound, though, direct-cut was optimal in the vinyl era and Nimbus' technicians were seldom bettered. "Monoceros" was as close as it was possible to come to the live sound of Evan Parker, late 1970s"
- From the note, Steve Lake

MONOCEROS is a set of improvisations on soprano saxophone

Recorded direct to disc 30th April 1978 at Wyastone Leys, Monmouth


01. Monoceros 1
02. Monoceros 2
03. Monoceros 3
04. Monoceros 4