Harris Eisenstadt

On Parade in Parede (Canada Day Quartet)

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On Parade in Parede

Harris Eisenstadt

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Canada Day Quartet

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On Parade in Parede

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“On Parade in Parede” was recorded when Eisenstadt and company played a series of concerts at SMUP, an intimate venue in Parede, a beach town near Lisbon, during their spring 2016 Europe tour. The place inspired the title. An homage to his birth country (he’s lived in the US more than twenty years), Canada Day offers a universal music, not just dedicated to North America, but also to Africa, Cuba, and Europe.


NATE WOOLEY, trumpet
MATT BAUDER, tenor sax
PASCAL NIGGENKEMPER, drums, compositions

SUMP Parede, Portugal, April 30th-May 1st, 2016.


01. Innuendo Is Nobody's Friend
02. Sometimes You Gotta Ask For What You Want
03. A Fine Kettle of Fish
04. We All Ate What We Wanted to Eat, Parts 2 & 5
05. Sympathy Batters No Parsnips
06. We All Ate What We Wanted to Eat, Part 3 /