Antonio Sanchez

Bad Hombre (CAMJ7919-2)

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Bad Hombre

Antonio Sanchez

CAM Jazz


ITF 151058




CD 10,74 €


Antonio Sánchez returns with his most personal work to date, "Bad Hombre", his first true solo album - composed, performed, recorded, engineered, and produced exclusively by Sánchez.

"Bad Hombre" aligns its powerful musical message with a socio-political alert, based on Sánchez's concern for his country, his fellow American citizens, as well as those of his native Mexico. As spewed from the mouth of "The Combover Con Artist," the "Short-Fingered Vulgarian," a/k/a, President Donald J. Trump, Bad Hombre is also a call to arms.

ANTONIO SANCHEZ, drums, keyboards, electronics, voice

New York, October 20-21, 2016


01. Bad Hombre Intro
02. Bad Hombre
03. Fire Trail
04. Distant Glow
05. Bbo
06. Momentum
07. Home
08. The Crossing
09. Nine Lives