Joan Shaw

A Retropsective 1947-1964 (FSR-CD 920)

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A Retropsective 1947-1964

Joan Shaw

Fresh Sound Records


ABS 151097

FSR-CD 920



A Retropsective 1947-1964

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This 2 CD set is divided into “singles” from 1947-1962, with the supporting musicians ranging from orchestra’s lead by Hal “Cornbread” Singer, Buddy Tate and generic ensembles like “Blues Express Orchestra to rich orchestras arranged and conducted by Don Costa. Joan's voice has the range of Sarah Vaughan, but the earthiness of a Ruth Brown, and she digs deep with a swagger on pieces like “He Knows How To Hucklebuck” and “Pretty Eyed Baby.” She is as sassy as all get out on “I Want A Man For Christmas” and is smoky on “Hand-Holdin’ Baby.”


JOAN SHAW, in all tracks

ON TRACKS [1-12]:
Ernie Royal, trumpet; Richard Hixon, trombone; Eddie Caine, Romeo Penque, alto saxes;
Seldon Powell, Boomie Richman, tenor saxes; Sol Schlinger, baritone sax;
Moe Weschler or Ernie Hayes, piano; John Pizzarelli or Art Ryerson, guitar
 George Duvivier or Milt Hinton, bass; Joe Marshall, drums. Bill Ramal, arranger.
Recorded in New York City, circa June 1961.

ON TRACKS [13-23]:
Herman Foster, piano; Earl May, bass; Bruno Carr, drums.
Recorded live at “Basin Street”, New York City, August 1964.


Track #1, from the Supreme 78 rpm 1504
Track #2, from the Savoy 78 rpm 702
Track #3, from the Regal 78 rpm 3326
Tracks #4-5, from the Abbey 78 rpm 3030
Tracks #6-7, from the Coral 78 rpm 65086
Tracks #8-9, from the Gem 78 rpm 205
Tracks #10-11, from the Gem 78 rpm 209
Tracks #12-13, from the Gem 78 rpm 212
Track #14, from the Jaguar 78 rpm 3008
Track #15, from the Jaguar 78 rpm 3010
Tracks #16-17, from the Jaguar 78 rpm 3013
Tracks #18-19, from the ABC-Paramount 45 rpm Single 9724
Tracks #20-21, from the ABC-Paramount 45 rpm Single 9751
Tracks #22-23, from the ABC-Paramount 45 rpm Single 9970
Tracks #24-25, from the Epic 45 rpm Single 9368
Tracks #26-27, from the Colpix 45 rpm Single 625


Tracks #1-12, from the 12" album "Joan Shaw Swings for Swingers" (Epic BN 601)
Tracks #13-23, from the 12" album "Joan Shaw in Person" (Sue LP 1031)


01. Rain in My Eyes
02. He Knows How to Hucklebuck
03. Pretty Eyed Baby
04. Lonesome for My Baby
05. Rock My Soul
06. I Love the Way You Love Me
07. Evil Gal’s Daughter Blues
08. You Drive Me Crazy
09. Why Don’t You Leave My Heart Alone
10. Baby Come On
11. Oh How I Hate to Say Goodbye
12. You Make Me Cry Myself to Sleep (Every Night)
13. Do What You Want With Me
14. Fly Away Heartaches
15. I Want a Man for Christmas
16. Ten Commandments of Love
17. I Should Not Be Alone So Long
18. Hand-Holdin’ Baby
19. Broken Heart
20. Just Kiss Me
21. Don’t You Remember?
22. The Time
23. I Don’t Wanna Cry (Over You Anymore)
24. Blue
25. Unsuspecting Heart
26. That’s What I Get for Loving You
27. You Made Me Love You


01. Gotta Be This or That
02. Let Me Love You
03. Mississippi Mud
04. I’m Making Believe
05. Lover
06. I’m Beginning to See the Light
07. Just Squeeze Me
08. I Hadn’t Anyone Till You
09. Then I’ll Be Happy
10. Looking at You
11. Aren’t You Glad You’re You
12. Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries
13. Through a Long and Sleepless Night
14. This Is All I Ask
15. Lover
16. Fly Me to the Moon
17. Make Someone Happy
18. I’ll Walk a Little Faster
19. Where Did 20 Go
20. My Mood Is You
21. Sittin’ Alone and Counting My Tears
22. Moon River
23. I Believe in You