Blind Willie McTell

Dark Night Blues: 1927-1940 Recordings (600909)

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Dark Night Blues: 1927-1940 Recordings

Blind Willie McTell

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Dark Night Blues: 1927-1940 Recordings

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"Blind Willie" McTell was one of the finest bluesmen of the 1920s and 1930s. His voice was soft and expressive, and his musical tastes were influenced by southern blues, ragtime, gospel, hillbilly, and popular music. He also developed superb technique and a highly personal style on the twelve-string guitar.

Based out of Atlanta, McTell cut more than 120 different tracks at different recording sessions during his 30-year career. This newly remastered CD release contains a selection of 51 Blind Willie McTell songs, recorded between 1927 and 1940. All of these poignant tracks would form the basis of McTell’s enduring legacy and secure his place as one of the blues legends of that classic era. This is acoustic blues of the highest order, full of emotion and heartfelt commitment.

lead vocals and guitar.

With Ruth Willis, Ruby Glaze, or Kate McTell (occasional vocals).

Recorded in Atlanta, New York, and Chicago, between 1927 and 1940.


CD 1: 1927-1933 RECORDINGS - TOTAL TIME: 76:34 Min.

01 Writing Paper Blues
02 Stole Rider Blues
03 Kind Mama
04 Three Woman Blues
05 Statesboro Blues
06 Mama, ‘T’aint Long Fo’ Day
07 Dark Night Blues
08 Loving Talking Blues
09 Atlanta Strut
10 Travelin’ Blues
11 Drive Away Blues
12 Love Changing Blues
13 Talkin’ to Myself
14 Razor Ball
15 Scarey Day Blues
16 Broke Down Engine Blues
17 Painful Blues [with Ruth Willis]
18 Low Rider Blues
19 Georgia Rag
20 Lonesome Day [with Ruby Glaze]
21 Mama, Let Me Scoop for You [with Ruby Glaze]
22 Searching the Desert for the Blues [with Ruby Glaze]
23 It’s Your Time to Worry
24 Savannah Mama
26 Lord Have Mercy If You Please

CD 2: 1933-1940 RECORDINGS - TOTAL TIME: 75:47 Min.

01 Love-Makin’ Mama
02 Lord, Send Me an Angel
03 Death Room Blues
04 B and O Blues #2
05 Bell Street Lightnin’
06 Southern Can Mama
07 Ain’t it Grand to Be a Christian
08 We Got to Meet Death One Day
09 Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around
10 I Got Religion, So I’m Glad
11 Dying Gambler
12 God Don’t Like It
13 East St. Louis Blues (Fare You Well)
14 Lay Some Flowers on My Grave
15 Let Me Play with Yo’ Yo-Yo
16 Ticket Agent Blues
17 Cold Winter Day
18 Your Time to Worry
19 Cooling Board Blues
20 Hillbilly Willie’s Blues
21 King Edward Blues
22 Dying Crapshooter’s Blues
23 Will Fox
24 I Got to Cross the River Jordan
25 Boll Weevil
26 Delia