Claudio Filippini

Two Grounds (Live at Le Due Terre Winery) (CAMJ 7934-2)

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Two Grounds (Live at Le Due Terre Winery)

Claudio Filippini

CAM Jazz


ITF 152735

CAMJ 7934-2



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Claudio Filippini and his comrades Andrea Lombardini and U.T. Gandhi share a deep and utterly secure sense of musical structure, which is why they’re able to take on the “everyone solos, all of the time” philosophy and make something original and strong out of it, even as they reference jazz history. Opening with Hermeto Pascoal’s peerless “Little Church” is a masterstroke; even if you don’t know the 1970 Miles Davis version, with the composer whistling and playing electric piano, you’ll hear how rooted this version is in the sometimes troublous history of electric jazz. Filippini, Lombardini and Gandhi, though, have emerged in a generation where no special pleading for electricity is required, and besides there is enough kinetic energy in all their playing to make distinctions of “electric” and “acoustic” seem not so much irrelevant as rather quaint. Peerless, switched-on modern music". (Brian Morton)


CLAUDIO FILIPINI, fender rhodes, keyboards and vocals
ANDREA LOMBARDINI, electric bass
U.I. GANDHI, drums, percussion and live electronics

Recorded Live at Le DueTerre Winery (Prepotto, Italy) on 10 June 2017


01. Little Church
02. Esperança
03. Netsanet
04. Two Grounds
05. Early Minor
06. Doin´It Right
07. Landscape
08. Money In The Pocket