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Worth It All (ART 7051)

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Worth It All

Jeffrey Osborne



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ART 7051



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It's been 13 years since the R&B world has had a taste of musical stylings by Jeffrey Osborne. Now after a brief trek into the genre of Jazz, Osborne is back with his trademark ballads in the realm of Soul Music for which he has so indelibly inscribed his mark. Singer/songwriter/producer Jeffrey Osborne is making a most triumphant return via his 12-song album, Worth It All, which dropped May 25, 2018 on Artistry Music. Worth It All is a vibrant and thoughtfully romantic project in which Osborne (70) reflects on his 35-plus years of marriage and sets said thoughts to a richly robust and diversified palate of sumptuous soul music. The album features special guests Gerald Albright on saxophone, Rick Braun on trumpet and includes a sexy, rainy night scenario song entitled "Work It," co-written by son, Jeffrey Osborne Jr.


01. Let a Brotha Know
02. Greatest Night
03. Just Can't Stand It
04. Worth It All
05. Stay the Way You Are
06. I Want You
07. Summer Nights
08. Work It
09. Saving My Love
10. Can't Help Myself
11. Your Lover
12. That Man