Tord Gustavsen

The Other Side (ECM 2608 LP)

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The Other Side

Tord Gustavsen



LPS 154355

ECM 2608 LP



LP 18,99 €

The Other Side, by Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen, has convened a new working group, which includes ever-faithful drummer Jarle Vespestad – a kindred spirit who has drummed on all of Gustavsen’s albums. There is a new bassist, Sigurd Hole, whose eclectic approach to his instrument – drawing on influences from folk music as well as modern jazz – makes him ideally suited to the pianist’s gradually developing, melodic pieces. The Other Side incorporates Gustavsen’s love for the church music of his village youth and the ancient folk melodies of Norway that have become a passion in more recent years. This mix of compositions and arrangements of chorales ranges from grave beauty to flowing dynamism, marked throughout by the trio’s seemingly telepathic chemistry

Tord Gustavsen, Piano
Sigurd Hole, Double Bass
Jarle Vespestad, Drums

1. The Tunnel
2. Kirken, Den Er Et Gammelt Hus
3. Re-Melt
4. Duality
5. Ingen Vinner Frem Til Den Evige Ro
6. Taste And See
7. Schlafes Bruder
8. Jesu Meine Freude / Jesus, Det Eneste
9. The Other Side
10. O Traurigkeit
11. Left Over Lullaby No.4