Jerry Butler

Moon River + Folk Songs (600916)

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Moon River + Folk Songs

Jerry Butler

Soul Jam


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Chicago soulman Jerry Butler is one of the most distinguished voices in popular music. He was a creative collaborator to icons such as Curtis Mayfield and Otis Redding. Along with Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and Clyde McPhatter, Butler laid the foundations of the soul movement in the late ‘50s. His dignified carriage and unflappable demeanor (soulful as ever, yet smooth as ice) are what earned him the nickname “The Iceman.” This collector’s release includes two of Butler’s most overlooked albums from the onset of his solo career (following Jerry’s seminal work with The Impressions): Moon River and Folk Songs. Originally issued by the Vee-Jay label, and long unavailable, both albums have been remastered and packaged together on this essential CD edition, which also includes 4 bonus tracks from the same period.


JERRY BUTLER, lead vocals, plus:

Tracks 1-12: Orchestras arranged and conducted by Riley C. Hampton and Phil Moore. Further information is unknown. Recorded in Chicago, 1961-1962. Tracks 13-24 & 27: Orchestra arranged and conducted by Phil Moore.Further information is unknown. Recorded in Chicago, 1962.

Tracks 25 & 26: probably Curtis Mayfield (second vocals and guitar).
Unidentified rhythm section. Recorded in Chicago, 1961-1962.

Recorded in Chicago, 1961-1962.


01. Moon River
02. Someone To Watch Over Me
03. SmokeGets In Your Eyes
04. Rainbow Valley
05. Where Do I Turn
06. I Found A Live
07. Couldn’t Go To Sleep
08. Butterfly
09. The Challenge
10. No End Or Time
11. Lost Without You
12. September Song
13. Strawberries
14. Frisco’s Foggy Dew
15. When I Lost My Baby
16. Little Ole’ Lite
17. Alberta (Let Your Hair Hang Low)
18. Such A Feelin’
19. John B.
20. Eighteen Hammers
21. Motherless Child
22. Red Dress
23. Who’s Gonna Be Your Man?
24. Aware Of Love*
25. I’m A Telling You*
26. Find Another*

Probably Curtis Mayfield (second vocals and guitar). 
Unidentified rhythm section. Recorded in Chicago, 1961-1962.