Cyrille Aimee

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Cyrille Aimee

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The end of one chapter means the beginning of another. Like all the best cliffhangers, Cyrille Aimée Live leaves the audience wanting more…but also eager to discover what comes next. Recorded at a typically lively and engaging performance at New York City’s (Le) Poisson Rouge in August 2017, the album finds the acclaimed vocalist bidding a fond adieu to her long-standing band and looking forward to a brand-new phase in her life and career. The August performance marked the band’s final show together, saying goodbye to this configuration of Aimée’s band while welcoming a new chapter of creative output.


CYRILLE AIMÉÉ, vocal, Boss RC-505 loop station
ADRIEN MOIGNARD, acoustic guitar
MICHAEL VALEANU, electric guitar
DYLAN SHAMAT, acoustic bass


01. It’s A Good Day (Live)
02. Nuit Blanche (Live)
03. Si Tu Vois Ma Mère (Live)
04. Live Alone And Like It (Live)
05. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Live)
06. Off The Wall (Live) Day By Day (Live)
07. It’s Over Now (Well, You Needn’t) (Live)
08. Three Little Words (Live)
09. Each Day (Live)