Wilbert Harrison

Gonna Tell You a Story (SOUL)

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Gonna Tell You a Story

Wilbert Harrison



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Although he had very few major hits Wilbert Harrison is still remembered and revered today for perhaps just two recordings. His 1959 version of Leiber and Stoller's "K.C. Loving", retitled "Kansas City" by Wilbert and his 1962 recording of his own song "Let's Stick Together".

Here for the first time in one package Jasmine present all the A and B sides of every single he released between 1953 and 1962, and as the 40 tracks on this collection show, he was anything but a two hit wonder. With many rare blues and R&B recordings and detailed liner notes this has to be the definitive Wilbert Harrison collection.


CD 1:
1. Gonna Tell You A Story aka This Woman Of Mine
2. Letter Edged In Black
3. Nobody Knows My Troubles
4. Gin And Coconut Milk
5. Calypso Man
6. Cool Water
7. The Ways Of A Woman
8. Don't Drop It
9. Da Dee Ya Da (I'll Do Anything For You)
10. Women And Whiskey
11. Florida Special
12. Darling Listen To This Song
13. The Way I Feel
14. Confessin' My Dreams
15. My Love Is True
16. I Know My Baby Loves Me
17. Baby Don't You Know
18. My Love For You Lingers On
19. Kansas City
20. Listen My Darling

CD 2:
1. Cheatin' Baby
2. Don't Wreck My Life
3. Goodbye Kansas City
4. 1960
5. C.C. Rider
6. Why Did You Leave?
7. Since I Fell For You
8. Little School Girl
9. Da Dee Ya Da (I'll Do Anything For You)
10. The Horse
11. Happy In Love
12. Calypso Dance
13. Drafted
14. My Heart Is Yours
15. Let's Stick Together
16. Kansas City Twist
17. After Graduation
18. Off To Work Again
19. Off To School Again
20. I'm Broke