Terry Callier

What Color Is Love (MOVLP1465)

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What Color Is Love

Terry Callier

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180 gram audiophile lp


Possibly the greatest album ever by the legendary chicago soul singer Terry Callier! Terry's rich mellow voice is mixed with superb arrangements from the cadet studio team, with charles stepney at the head, and the result is completely sublime.

The songs are longer than on earlier albums — and spun out with a complex groove that mixes equal parts of jazz, folk, and soul with the soaring spiritual vibe that was running through the chicago scene at the time. The first side alone is the stuff that legends are made of — with classic tracks like "Dancing girl", "What color is love", and "You goin' miss your candyman" all in a row, sewn together in a wash of love, soul, and emotion that you'd be hard pressed to find on any other album from the time. Other tracks include "I'd rather be with you", "Just as long as we're in love", and "You don't care" — and the whole album's a masterpiece beyond compare!


  • Louis A Satterfield - (bass)
  • Alfred Nalls - (bongos)
  • Karl B. Fruth, Leonard Chausow - (cello)
  • Charles Stepney - (conductor)
  • Alfred Nalls, Fred Walker - (congas)
  • Donny Simmons, Morris Jennings - (drums)
  • Charles Stepney - (electric piano)
  • Donald Myrick - (flute)
  • Ethel Merker, Paul Tervelt - (french horn)
  • Phil Upchurch, Terry Callier - (guitar)
  • Cyril Touff - (harmonica)
  • Edward Druzinsky - (harp)
  • Bobby Christian, Fred Walker - (percussion)
  • Charles Stepney - (piano)
  • Arthur Hoyle, John Howell - (trumpet)
  • Arthur Ahlman, Bruce Hayden, Harold Klatz, Harold Kupper, Roger Moulton - (viola)
  • Elliot M. Golub, W. Zlatoff-Mirsky, Irving Kaplan, Jerry Sabransky, Joseph Golan, Ruth Goodman, Theodore Silavin, William Faldner - (violin)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Dancing Girl
  • A2.What Color Is Love
  • A3. You Goin' Miss Your Candyman
  • SIDE B
  • B1. .Just As Long As We're In Love
  • B2. Ho Tsing Mee (A Song Of The Sun)
  • B3. I'd Rather Be With You
  • B4. You Don't Care