Reverend Charlie Jackson

God´s Got It: Legendary Booker & Jackson Singles (CASE101RE)

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God´s Got It: Legendary Booker & Jackson Singles

Reverend Charlie Jackson

Aum Fidelity


AUM 155989




CD 8,25 €


This is the debut release from CaseQuarter Records, a offshoot of Stephen Joerg's excellent AUM label. While AUM Fidelity is dedicated to the new jazz coming out of New York City, CaseQuarter is dedicated to sacred and gospel music from the American South. What better way to kick off a new label than with the collected Booker and Jackson singles of the obscure but monumental singer/guitarist Reverend Charlie Jackson, whose music is deeply rooted in the Mississippi Delta tradition? His singles for the the Booker label in New Orleans (and his own Jackson label created after Booker folded) make manifest the inseparable connection between the sinning music of Saturday night and the sanctified music of Sunday morning.


  • 01. God's Got It
  • 02. Wrapped Up And Tangled Up In Jesus
  • 03. I Shall Not Be Moved
  • 04. Trouble In My Way
  • 05. God's Got It
  • 06. Fix It Jesus
  • 07. I Gave Up All I Had
  • 08. What A Time
  • 09. Testimony Of Rev. Charlie Jackson
  • 10. Something To Think About
  • 11. My Eternal Home
  • 12. The Goodness Of God Part 1
  • 13. The Goodness Of God Part 2
  • 14. Don't Let the Devil Ride
  • 15. This Old Building
  • 16. Lord You're So Good
  • 17. By teh Grace of the Lord
  • 18. I Gave Up All I Had To Serve The Lord
  • 19. All Aboard
  • 20. I Am Thinking Of A Friend