Tanja Feichtmair

Omnixus + Solo (CD LR 852)

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Omnixus + Solo

Tanja Feichtmair

Leo Records


LEO 156406

CD LR 852



CD 10,73 €

This CD consists of two parts. The first and longest piece (33 minutes) was recorded in Ulrichsberg by Tanja's quartet Omnixus: Scott Looney on piano, Damon Smith on bass, Hugh Livingston on cello and Tanja Feichtmair on alto saxophone. The second part is saxophone solo recorded at Miles Smiles club in Vienna. Says Tanja: "When I am playing, I think in spatially shifted substances and in moved structures. I always liked to feel the dancing component in music. Omnixus + Solos are the first pieces, which are composed and performed in this way which I call the "Omnixus-Prinzip." "


  • TANJA FEICHTMAIR, alto sax
  • SCOTT LOONEY, piano
  • DAMON SMITH, bass

Live at Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg, 1. May 2009.


  • 01. Omnixus: Tanja Feichtmair Solo
  • . Finsch
  • 03. Floating Substance
  • 04. The Node
  • 05. The Gleaner
  • 06. Open Density
  • 07. Frameless