3 Bones and a Quill (FSR 1646 CD)

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3 Bones and a Quill

Fresh Sound Records


ZZZ 124162

FSR 1646 CD



3 Bones and a Quill

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Featuring: Gene Quill (as), Jimmy Cleveland, Jim Dahl, Frank Rehak (tb), Hank Jones, Nat Pierce (p), Whitey Mitchell (b), Charlie Persip (d)

The smoothness of the three trombones and the jaggedness of Quill’s alto combine to make of this session a stimulating one. Back then, the four leaders were key members of the Johnny Richards orchestra. Of the trombone trio, Rehak often goes for broke into the upper register, Cleveland works within his facile frame of reference, while Dahl seems to pace himself, playing with taste and awareness. Quill carries the strident voice in the group. Some of his entrances are so vicious and biting, that they manage by temperament alone to have an almost rhythmic propulsion. The rest of the band is of a piece with the Bones and the Quill. The two pianists, Hank Jones and Nat Pierce, combine swift taste with swinging time, while Whitey Mitchell and Charlie Persip are excellent. It was a challenging assignment skillfully accomplished by a more than capable group.


Jimmy Cleveland, Jim Dahl, Frank Rehak (tb), Gene Quill (as), Hank Jones, Nat Pierce #1, 5-7 (p), Whitey Mitchell (b), Charlie Persip (d) Recorded in New York City, 1958.


01. The Preacher
02. Wa Hoo
03. What's my Name
04. Three and One
05. Look ma no Hands
06. Little Beaver
07. In a Mellotone