Woody Herman

Complete Decca, Mars, MGM Sessions (1943-54) (MCD7-267)

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Complete Decca, Mars, MGM Sessions (1943-54)

Woody Herman

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The Complete Woody Herman Decca, Mars and MGM Sessions (1943-1954) presents Woody on seven CDs over a remarkable span of his development: at the very beginning of his career leading a band that would become one of the most enduring in music; a few years later, in the studio and in concert at Carnegie Hall, when the band was enjoying its much-deserved, worldwide renown; and during the Third Herd period, when Woody was not only running his own band but his own record operation as well.

These three dips into Woody's career have had far less exposure than his more-famous work for Columbia and Capitol, previously collected by Mosaic on sets that are now completely sold out. Some of the music has been completely unavailable since the long-playing era. And even if you own Mosaic’s other box sets, or even the Mosaic Select mini-set documenting his early 1960s work on Phillips, you've never had a chance to sample such diverse material in one set by a bandleader who was never content to sit still.

Through its diverse material and the evolving nature of the personnel, Woody's point of view remains consistently crisp, energetic, youthful and relevant. His commitment to big bands was never nostalgic or locked in time, but always looking ahead