Erroll Garner

A New kind of love (MAC 1160)

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A New kind of love

Erroll Garner

Mack Avenue


MAC 158560

MAC 1160



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While the emotionally charged music of Erroll Garner is particularly well suited for the big screen, and has been used in countless films over the years, he only ever composed this one film score. A natural orchestrator and with an uncanny ability to sound like an entire orchestra by himself, on this record Garner makes singular use of a 35-piece orchestra to bring his music to new heights.


  • ERROLL GARNER, piano
  • LEITH STEVENS: orchestra conductor
  • VIOLINS: Anatol Kaminsky, Erno Neufelo, Israel Baker, Marshall Sosson, Gerald Vinci, Nathan Ross, Joe Stepansky, Jacques Casselin, Victor Arno, Paul Shure
  • VIOLAS: Paul Robyn, Virginia Majewski, Allan Harshman, Stan Harris
  • CELLOS: Kurt Reher, Ray Kramer, Eleanor Slatkin, Armand Kaproff
  • BASS. Keith Mitchell
  • DRUMS: Alvin Stoller
  • HARP: Verlyle Brilhart
  • ALTO FLUTES: Harry Klee, Ted Nash
  • CLARINETS: Ronald Langinger, Morris Crawford
  • BASS CLARINETS: Justin Gordon, Charles Gentry
  • BONGO: Frank Flynn
  • TAMBORINE:Larry Bunker
  • SAX: George Roberts
  • BARITONE SAX: Dick Nash
  • FLUGELHORN: Carroll Lewis
  • ELECTRIC GUITAR: Barney Kessel


  • 01. You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me
  • 02. Louise
  • 03. Fashion Interlude
  • 04. Steve's Song
  • 05. Paris Mist
  • 06. Mimi
  • 07. Theme from A New Kind of Love
  • 08. In the Park in Paree
  • 09. Paris Mist
  • 10. The Tease
  • 11. Paris Mist (Trio Version)