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Dire Warning (RPR1101)

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Dire Warning

Estamos Trio

Relative Pitch


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Estamos Trio is an exploratory music ensemble formed through the cross-border Estamos Project founded by Thollem McDonas in 2010. The trio includes Carmina Escobar (vocals, electronics, guitarrón), Milo Tamez (percussion, found objects, electronics) and Thollem (keyboard, vocals, clay pot). Recorded live at SITE Santa Fe, Dire Warning is the trio's 2nd album following Relative Pitch's release, People's Historia, in 2013. The work is a commission for SITE's 2018 biennial "Casa Tomada" (House Taken Over), which informed the trio's approach to this album: the present and impending global migration of humans caused by climate change.


  • CARMINA ESCOBAR, voice, sound toys, guitarrón
  • MILO TAMEZ, home percussions, stones, branches, electronic
  • THOLLEM McDONAS, synthesizer, vocals, clay pot

Recorded at SITE, Santa Fe, October 19, 2018


  • 01. The Brink Of Failure
  • 02. Global Climate Genocide
  • 03. Ecological Solitaire
  • 04. Hurricanes Of Change
  • 05. The Sixth Extinction
  • 06. The First Extermination