Jason Stein

Silver Dollar (NBCD 127)

Silver Dollar Ver más grande

Silver Dollar

Jason Stein


NBCD 127

NBS 160608

NBCD 127



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The record label's name—NoBusiness Records—should be warning enough. Silver Dollar is not an album trying to make friends. Contents are under pressure and probably dangerous. The group releasing said record, Threadbare, is a sonic-terrorist cell comprised of Jason Stein on bass clarinet, Ben Cruz on electric guitar and Emerson Hunton on drums. Once past the trappings (check out the impressively minimalist cover art work—who knew hard currency could be so scary?), you'll find an accomplished and reasonably rewarding set of out-jazz that thuds more than it swings but rarely leaves tonality completely behind for too long. - PATRICK BURNETTE ( All About Jazz)


  • JASON STEIN, bass clarinet
  • BEN CRUZ, guitar

Chicago, February 24, 2019


  • 01. And When Circumstances Arise
  • 02. Threadbare 02
  • 03. 70 Degrees and Counting Down
  • 04. 24 Meshed Veils
  • 05. Funny Thing Is
  • 06. Threadbare
  • 07. Silver Dollar
  • 08. Untitled