Vincent Chancey

The Spell - Vincent Chancey Trio Live, 1987 (NBLP 136)

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The Spell - Vincent Chancey Trio Live, 1987

Vincent Chancey


NBLP 136

LPS 160614

NBLP 136



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Great live work from French horn player Vincent Chancey – one of the few jazz musicians we've ever known to touch that instrument, and maybe one of the best! French horn was used famously by Julius Watkins in a series of 50s modern jazz recordings – but there, the instrument was often used to "class" things up a bit – whereas Chancey's work of the 80s is much looser, freer, and more experimental – really using the range of sounds from the instrument in ways that maybe nobody else has ever done – especially in the freely improvised space of a recording like this! Bassist Wilber Morris is a great match for the deep tones of Vincent's horn – and Warren Smith's work on drums is nicely modest, often allowing for the deepest interplay between other other two instruments


  • VINCENT CHANCEY, french horn
  • WARREN SMITH, drums

Recorded live at the Kraine Art Gallery, NYC on 21st October, 1987


  • SIDE A:
  • 01. Chazz
  • 02. The Spell
  • SIDE B:
  • 01. Free Form #10
  • 02. Afro-Amerin