Sun Ra

Sunrise in Different Dimensions (OGY 698)

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Sunrise in Different Dimensions

Sun Ra



HAT 124680

OGY 698



Sunrise in Different Dimensions

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From the liner notes:

"Beauty is necessary for survival." So Sun Ra told me in 1983. But whether or not you believe beauty is necessary for survival, you can be sure that you're holding a little piece of it in your hand right now. And who knows but that, in different dimensions, Sun Ra speaks for you?
- Graham Lock


Sun Ra (piano)
Marshal Allen (alto sax, oboe, flute)
John Gilmore (tenor sax, clarinet, flute)
Noel Scott (alto and baritone sax, flute
Danny Thompson (baritone sax, flute)
Kenneth Williams (tenor and baritone sax)
Michael Ray (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Chris Henderson (drums)
Eric Walker (drums


01. Light From A Hidden Sun
02. Pin-Points of Spiral Prims
03. Silhouettes Of The Shadow World
04. Coctails For Two
05. 'Round Midnight
06. Lady Bird / Half Nelson
07. Big John's Special
08. Yeah Man!
09. Disguiesed Gods in Skullduggery Rendez-Vous
10. Queer Notions
11. Limehouse Blues
12. King Porter Stomp
13. Take The A Train
14. Lightnin'
15. A Helio-Hello! And Goodbye Too!