Patrick Cornelius

Acadia - Way of The Cairns (WR4766)

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Acadia - Way of The Cairns

Patrick Cornelius

Whirlwind Recordings


WHR 161161




CD 12,38 €


Patrick Cornelius is back with his fourth Whirlwind release, Way of the Cairns with a new collective ensemble – Acadia. The album consists of a suite of compositions inspired by Acadia National Park in Maine, along with additional brand new material written by the other band members (Kristjan Randalu – piano, Michael Janisch – double bass and Paul Wiltgen – drums)

The music was worked out over the course of a week of rehearsals and gigs, including a night at The Vortex, before being laid down in one 8 hour tracking session at Red Gables Studio.


  • Patrick Cornelius – alto saxophone
  • Michael Janisch – double bass
  • Kristjan Randalu – piano
  • Paul Wiltgen – drums

Recorded in London, May 20th 2019


  • 01. Way Of The Cairns
  • 02. Star Party
  • 03. Blueberry Mountain
  • 04. Seawall Sunrise
  • 05. Darkest Night
  • 06. Valse H Sitante
  • 07. Personal Beehives
  • 08. On The Precipice
  • 09. Ten Years Later