Derek Bailey

Aida (HJRLP205)

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Derek Bailey

Honest Jons


LPS 161272




LP 23,95 €


After almost four decades out of print Derek Bailey’s Aida gets the reissue treatment courtesy of Honest Jon’s. The influence of the pioneering free jazz guitarist can be heard in the work of everyone from Thurston Moore to Kaki King these days, but rarely Bailey’s unique musical language speak as fluently as on Aida. Recorded in 1980 at shows in London and Paris, Bailey manages to turn the humble acoustic guitar into an instrument of incredible range and character. This release shines new light on Bailey’s talent by including ‘Introductions’ and ‘Inaudibles’, two previously unreleased pieces that were taped for the BBC at around the same time as the other tracks of Aida. As well as showcasing yet more brilliant guitar work, the smatterings of commentary from Bailey himself provide a wry and illuminating insight into his practice.


  • Derek Bailey - guitar

Side A recorded in Paris, July 4, 1980

Side B recorded in London, August 3, 1980


  • SIDE A
  • 01. Paris
  • SIDE B
  • 01. Niigata Snow
  • 02. An Echo In Another's Mind
  • SIDE C
  • 01. Introductions
  • SIDE D
  • 02. Inaudibles