Mats Gustafsson

Link w/Christian Marclay (STSAFJ199LP)

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Link w/Christian Marclay

Mats Gustafsson

Smalltown Supersound


LPS 161278




LP 18,17 €

Smalltown Supersound launches a new sublabel called Actions For Free Jazz with this duo of Christian Marclay and Mats Gustafsson, recording in the studio for 7 indescribably wonderful free improvisations using turntable and every inch of Gustafsson's baritone and tenor sax, plus electronics; an exciting album of unpredictable and incredibly skilled sound art


  • Mats Gustafsson, electronics, tenor & baritone saxophone
  • Christian Marclay, turntable

Recorded at Studio Dubious, in Stockholm, Sweden, in April, 2006


  • SIDE A
  • 01. Bends and Dents
  • 02. Nacre
  • 03. Superbad
  • SIDE B
  • 01. Old Rose
  • 02. Long Distance
  • 03. Every Wednesday
  • 04. Link