Ahmad Jamal

Legendary 1958 Pershing Lounge and Spotlite Club (4569887)

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Legendary 1958 Pershing Lounge and Spotlite Club

Ahmad Jamal

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Legendary 1958 Pershing Lounge and Spotlite Club

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All of the legendary recordings made by the Ahmad Jamal Trio (with Israel Crosby and Vernell Fournier) in 1958 at the Pershing Lounge, in Chicago plus the Spotlite performances taped by the same group later that year. As bonues, some Isolated studio recordings made during that period, and the complete LP Count ‘Em 88 (Argo LP610), recorded by Jamal with Israel Crosby and Walter Perkins in 1956 have been added as a bonus. This was the music that made Jamal famous Includes 24-page booklet.

Although they were not Ahmad Jamal’s first recordings, the 1958 Pershing and Spotlite performances marked the beginning of his success. The original album But Not for Me, taped at the Pershing Lounge in Chicago on January 16 & 17, 1958, included eight of the 43 tunes played by the trio, which were carefully selected by the pianist himself. For this reason, they are also the first eight tracks of the  collection.

Two years later, the album’s success tempted the original producers to release eleven more tunes (Disc One, tracks 9-19), which were again selected under the supervision of Jamal’s attentive ears. It is believed that the unused material was put aside and subsequently lost. The Spotlite material, recorded at a concert in Washington on September 5 & 6, 1958, was issued in many different (always partial) forms over the years. This edition contains all of the material from the Pershing and Spotlite performances ever issued on the various LPs plus plenty of bonus tracks.


CD One, 1-19: Live at the Pershing Lounge,
Chicago, January 16 & 17, 1958.
CD Two & CD Three, 1-9: Live at the Spotlite Club,
Washington, September 5 & 6, 1958.

CD One, 20: Same personnel & date as CD One, 1-19.
This is an edited version of the Pershing’s “Poinciana”
originally issued on a single 45 rpm disc.
CD One, 21: Same personnel but Ray Crawford (g)
replaces Fournier. New York, October 25, 1955.
CD Three, 10-12: Same personnel & date as CD One, 1-19.
Chicago, June 30, 1958.

CD Three, 13-15 & 17-21: Walter Perkins (d)
replaces Fournier. Chicago, September 27, 1956.
CD Three, 16: Same as above.
Chicago, October 4, 1956.