Mal Waldron

First Encounter w/ Gary Peacock (FOX038)

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First Encounter w/ Gary Peacock

Mal Waldron

Alternative Fox


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Pianist Mal Waldron made many recordings (mostly in Europe) during 1969-72. This particular out-of-print Lp was cut in Japan in a trio with bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Hiroshi Murakami. The long improvisations on the four originals (three by Waldron and one from Peacock) are melancholy, usually introverted and subtle. The interplay between Waldron and Peacock on the inside/outside music is the main asset to this obscure but generally rewarding session.


  • Gary Peacock - bass
  • Mal Waldron - piano
  • Hiroshi Murakami - drums

Recorded in Tokyo, Japan, March 8th, 1971.


  • A1. She Walks In Beauty
  • A2. The Heart Of The Matter
  • B1. What's That
  • B2. Walking Way