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Planets of Life or Death (730003312328)

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Planets of Life or Death

Sun Ra



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Within their 1973 European tour, Sun Ra and his Arkestra had just completed a residency at the legendary Gibus in Paris in October before travelling to Amiens for a Sunday afternoon concert. Those filing into the city’s Maison de la Culture that day would have little idea of the intense, visceral experience that awaited them. “Sun Ra’s use of the Arkestra as his instrument in an onslaught of sound, colour and movement stimulated and even shocked the senses and the shakras of audience participants onto a higher plane of spirit consciousness


  • Sun Ra - electric piano, synthesizer
  • Danny Davis - alto saxophone, flute
  • Marshall Allen - alto saxophone, flute, percussion
  • Danny Ray Thompson - baritone sax, flute, percussion
  • John Gilmore - tenor sax, drums, vocals
  • Akh Tal Ebah, Kwame Hadi - trumpet, flugelhorn
  • James Jacson - bassoon, flute, percussion
  • Alzo Wright - cello, viola, percussion
  • Eloe Omoe - bass clarinet, flute, percussion
  • Ronnie Boykins - bass
  • Thomas Hunter - drums
  • Odun, Shahib - percussion

Recorded at Maison de la Culture, Amiens, France, 21st October 1973.


  • 01. Enlightenment
  • 02. Love In Outer Space
  • 03. Lights On A Satellite
  • 04. Discipline 27-II / What Planet Is This