Johnny Dyani

African Bass, Solo Concert (Gatefold) (JAZZ)

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African Bass, Solo Concert (Gatefold)

Johnny Dyani


LPS 161670



LP 24,78 €


Recorded live at the Jazz Festival Willisau/Switzerland on September 2, 1978 by Swiss Radio DRS, Studio Zürich.Invited by Niklaus Troxler.Lifeblood of the cultural diaspora of Apartheid, Dyani left South Africa with the Blue Notes in 1964. His amazing discography includes crucial collaborations with Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, Dollar Brand, the Brotherhood Of Breath and Derek Bailey.

Here he is performing solo (which he rarely did) at a jazz festival in Switzerland in 1978, testing the compositions which would comprise his monumental LP African Bass, out two years later. Double bass, gongs, piano and singing. Knockabout, mystical roots — spell-binding and ecstatic, open-hearted and unafraid.

Sing a song fighter is humbled and thankful to be able to make this sensational recording available for the first time!


  • SIDE A:
  • 01. Thank you
  • 02. Aba-Limanga
  • 03. Wish you sunshine
  • SIDE B:
  • 01. Afrikan blues
  • SIDE C:
  • 01. La Ngo-Ma
  • SIDE D:
  • 01. Aba-Limanga II
  • 02. Let the music take you