Mars Williams

Spiracle w/ Vasco Trilla (MW 1007)

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Spiracle w/ Vasco Trilla

Mars Williams

Not Two


DRJ 161946

MW 1007



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Chicago reedman Mars Williams is in great company here – working on these long improvised duets with Spanish percussionist Vasco Trilla – a player who really seems to bring out new qualities in the music of Mars! Trilla plays drums, but also has the deeper sonic explorations of a percussionist – and his work often resonates in these really great ways with the reedwork of Williams, who occasionally brings in some toy instruments – but never in a way that's gimmicky at all. And in case you might think that Mars is just a trickster in this setting, he also blows some surprisingly strong, soulful saxophone lines to really balance things out – reminding us what a strong player he can be in that mode, almost as in some of his Ayler Xmas experiments. Titles include "Atlas Moth", "Stigma", "Boog Lung", "Valve", and "Haemolymph".


  • Mars Williams - reeds, toy instruments
  • Vasco Trilla - drums & percussion

May 15, 2019


  • 01. Book Lung
  • 02. Stigma
  • 03. Atlas moth
  • 04. Valve
  • 05. Haemolymph