Marilyn Crispell

How to Turn the Moon w/ Angelica Sanchez (PR10)

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How to Turn the Moon w/ Angelica Sanchez

Marilyn Crispell



DRJ 162096




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Fans of piano jazz might have a preference for the trio format—piano/bass/drums. Or they might like their piano straight, no chaser, with solo piano sets. There is no shortage of trio and solo recordings floating around for our listening enjoyment. But two pianos? Rare, though not unheard of. Brad Mehldau and Kevin Hays offered up the excellent Modern Music (in 2011; and Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn presented us with one of the finest jazz albums of the year in 2018 with The Transitory Poems (ECM Records).

Now, in 2020, pianists Angelica Sanchez and Marilyn Crispell, have decided that it is their turn to sit down in tandem, on How to Turn the Moon, for the stirring up of the possibilities of so many potential chords, so many potential melodies, intertwined, complementary, often in a minimalist fashion, with the occasional storm of transitory maximalism rollicking into soundscapes.


Recorded on September 28, 2019


  • 01. Lobe Of The Fly
  • 02. Ancient Dream
  • 03. Calces Of Held
  • 04. Space Junk
  • 05. Ceiba Portal
  • 06. Windfall Light
  • 07. Twisted Roots
  • 08. Sullivan's Universe
  • 09. Rain in The Web
  • 10. Fires In Space