Mammal Hands

Captured Spirits (Gatefold Edition) (GONDLP038)

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Captured Spirits (Gatefold Edition)

Mammal Hands

Gondwana Records


LPS 162117




LP 24,78 €


Captivating, ethereal and majestic, Mammal Hands has carved out a refreshingly original sound from a disparate array of influences: drawing on spiritual jazz, north Indian, folk and classical music to create something inimitably their own. Hailing from Norwich, one of Britain's most isolated and most easterly cities, they have forged their own path away from the musical mainstream and their unique sound grew out of long improvised rehearsals. All three members contibute equally to the writing process: one that favours the creation of a powerful group dynamic over individual solos. Their records are entrancing and beautiful affairs, while their hypnotic live shows have seen them hailed as one of the most exciting bands in Europe as they push their unique line-up to the outer limits of its possibilities.


  • Jordan Smart - sax
  • Nick Smart - piano
  • Jesse Barrett - drums


  • SIDE A
  • 01. Ithaca
  • 02. Chaser
  • 03. Late Bloomer
  • SIDE B
  • 01. Versus Shapes
  • 02. Spiral Stair
  • 03. Floating World
  • SIDE C
  • 01. Riddle
  • 02. Rhizome
  • 03. Shoreless
  • SIDE D
  • 01. Into Sparks
  • 02. Little One