Matthew Shipp

Un Piano (ROG-0014)

Un Piano Ver más grande

Un Piano

Matthew Shipp

Rogue Art


RGT 124918




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This music, one piano /one pianist, is a system both simple & severe. it contains a full dimension of style, range, technique & sound sources. it does equally well, feels equally (un)comfortable at home (alien) here in(ner) out(er) (s)pace using broad designs, vagaries, different & difficult patterns & obvious mannerisms. it is flutt’ring soundsheets in an unpredictable breeze of varying weights. a wealth of oppositional yet embracing sequences (like nature itself). clumsy elegance lifted into, soaking & unburdening the EAR. as precious stone is heavy yet beautiful to behold & light to the touch. plundering culturally formulated ideals, manners & mannerisms. a full course meal consumed.  - Steve Dalachinsky, excerpt from the liner notes

MATTHEW SHIP solo piano

Recorded on July 21st and 22nd 2007 by Hugo Dwyer at MPI Studio (New York, Ny, Etats Unis)


01. Enter In (3.05)
02. Geometry (4.11)
03. Sparks (2.40)
04. Spike (3.31)
05. Linear Shocks (5.42)
06. Two Things Together (4.46)
07. Whole Zone (1.58)
08. Simple Fact (3.18)
09. Riddle (3.35)
10. Cloud Chamber 6 (6.10)
11. Harmony of Apollo (4.56)
12. Exit Out (3.26)