Kaleidoscope Quintet

Dancing on The Edge (DT9097)

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Dancing on The Edge

Kaleidoscope Quintet

Dot Time


DRJ 163212




CD 12,38 €


Fun and frisky performances are delivered by front line horns of friends Joe Lovano on tenor and flute with Dave Liebman blowing through the wooden flute, tenor and soprano saxes along with drummer Michael Stephens and bassist Tony Marino for a festive gig at The Deer Head Inn back in 2013.

Lovano and Liebman have done tributes to the late period of John Coltrane in the past, and this album has that same feel, with soprano and tenor driving hard and passionate on Liebman’s “Day And Night” and fire being breathed as Stephans hits the skins like an avalanche as Lovano gives a terrorizing intro to “There Is No Greater Love”. Vocalist Judi Silvano joins in for a meeting between Coltrane and Monument Valley with flute and tenor on “Blackwell’s Message” and the high pitched “Topsy Turvy” has the leads swirling like a Waring Blender. Passionate propulsions.


  • Joe Lovano - tenor sax, flute
  • Dave Liebman - tenor & soprano sax, wooden flute
  • Tony Marino - bass
  • Michael Stephans - drums
  • Judi Silvano - vocals

Recorded live at The Deer Head Inn, November 13, 2013


  • 01. Topsy Turvy
  • 02. Day and Night
  • 03. Blackwell's Message
  • 04. There Is No Greater Love
  • 05. Get Me Back to the Apple