Jimmy Smith

House Party w/ Kenny Burrell & Art Blakey (889397001476)

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House Party w/ Kenny Burrell & Art Blakey

Jimmy Smith

Down at Dawn


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In 2000 when Blue Note upgraded 1958's House Party as part of the label's superior Rudy Van Gelder series, they augmented the title with a ten-plus minute driving blow of Charlie Parker's "Confirmation" as a well-chosen bonus track. Now the effort is bookended by some primal Bird, which was always a forte of the assembled coterie. In addition to sharing three of the five sides with the RVG edition of The Sermon! (1958), there are two selections from the August 25, 1957, confab of Lee Morgan, George Coleman, Curtis Fuller, Eddie McFadden, Kenny Burrell, and Donald Bailey. The remaining three were recorded precisely six months later on February 25, 1958, with a slightly amended lineup featuring altoist Lou Donaldson (in for Coleman) alongside Tina Brooks and the ubiquitous Art Blakey (drums) providing unique contributions of their own.


  • Jimmy Smith - organ
  • Lee Morgan - trumpet
  • Curtis Fuller - trombone
  • Lou Donalson, George Coleman - alto sax
  • Tina Brooks - tenor sax
  • Kenny Burrell, Eddie McFadden - guitar
  • Art Blakey, Donald Bailey - drums

SIDE A: Recorded at Manhattan Towers, NYC, February 25, 1958

SIDE B: Recorded at Manhattan Towers, NYC, August 25, 1957


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Au Privave
  • A2. Lover Man
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Just Friends
  • B2. Blues After All