Tom Rainey

Obbligato - Untucked in Hannover (CD 360)

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Obbligato - Untucked in Hannover

Tom Rainey



ITK 163319

CD 360



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With Untucked in Hannover, Tom Rainey's top-notch quintet Obbligato presents a third album of a collection of jazz standards – with Jacob Sacks on piano replacing regular pianist Kris Davis for this live recording. Wonderful jazz tunes like Stella by Starlight or I Fall in Love Too Easily are interpreted in an open dialogue with stunning joy of playing and improvisation. And though standards are the modus operandi of Obbligato, their approach is intended to be less conventional, less reverential and certainly less solo-centric than many other bands that tack- les with Standards. Obbligato sometimes plays with the essences of famous jazz standards in an implied way, sometimes in a teasing and mysterious way, but always in a tantalizing way.


  • Ralph Alessi - trumpet
  • Ingrid Laubrock - saxophones
  • Jacob Sacks - piano
  • Drew Gress - bass
  • Tom Rainey - drums

Recorded at Jazz Club Hannover, Germany October 15th, 2018


  • 01. If I Should Lose You
  • 02. Stella by Starlight
  • 03. What's New – There Is No Greater Love
  • 04. I Fall in Love Too Easily
  • 05. Just in Time – In Your Own Sweet Way
  • 06. Long Ago and Far Away