Hamid Drake

Bindu: Reggaeology (ROG-0021)

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Bindu: Reggaeology

Hamid Drake

Rogue Art


RGT 125096




Bindu: Reggaeology

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Hamid Drake: drums, frame drum, tabla, voice
Napoléon Maddox: voice, beatbox
Jeff Parker: guitar
Jeff Albert : trombone, Hammond organ
Jeb Bishop : trombone
Josh Abrams : double bass, guimbri

Recorded on May 6th, 7th and 8th 2009 at Soma Electronic Music Studio, Chicago, Il, USA
except 7 recorded on July 28th 2009 at The Sape Shoppe Studio Chicago, Il, USA

01. Kali's Children No Cry (19:23)
02. Hymn of Solidarity (7:25)
03. Kali Dub (7:12)
04. The Taste of Radha's Love (9:52)
05. Togetherness (7:07)
06. Meeting and Parting (13:07)
07. Take Us Home (4:03)