Norah Jones

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…'Til We Meet Again

Norah Jones

Blue Note


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'Til We Meet Again, the first live album released by Norah Jones, collects highlights from the tours she gave in the wake of the 2016 release of Day Breaks. The 14 songs on 'Til We Meet Again were recorded between 2017 and 2019, taken from performances given in the United States, Italy, France, Brazil, and Argentina. To Jones' credit, the album doesn't feel like it was cobbled together from different sources. The music flows easily, with Jones taking the time to stretch and solo, playing with her vocal phrasing just enough to enliven older songs and give newer tunes a lift.


  • 01. Cold, Cold Heart
  • 02. It Was You
  • 03. Begin Again
  • 04. Those Sweet Words
  • 05. I've Got to See You Again
  • 06. After the Fall
  • 07. I'll Be Gone
  • 08. Just a Little Bit
  • 09. Falling
  • 10. Tragedy
  • 11. Sunrise
  • 12. Flipside
  • 13. Don't Know Why
  • 14. Black Hole Sun