J. Peter Schwalm

Neuzeit w/ Arve Henriksen (5060197762148)

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Neuzeit w/ Arve Henriksen

J. Peter Schwalm

Rare Noise Records


DRJ 163647




CD 12,38 €

4 Panel Digipack

Neuzeit, which German electro-acoustic composer J. Peter Schwalm views through his new duo outing with the Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen, is generally taken to refer to the modern era that began in the 16th century and witnessed the rise of Western Civilization. Schwalm chooses to take the term onits face, however; the fusion of “new” and “time” he defines as a period marked by sudden and drastic change. To borrow another word from the German, it ably yet dauntingly captures the zeitgeist of our tumultuous moment, one in which political upheaval, global pandemic and catastrophic climate change seem poised to usher in an uncertain new existence.


  • J. Peter Schwalm - piano, electronics
  • Arve Henriksen - trumpet, vocals


  • 01. Blutezeit
  • 02. Suchzeit
  • 03. Neutzeit
  • 04. Raumzeit
  • 05. Schonzeit
  • 06. Unzeit
  • 07. Wellenzeit
  • 08. Zeitah