Amir Elsaffar

Radif Suite (PI 32)

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Radif Suite

Amir Elsaffar

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PIR 125201

PI 32



Radif Suite

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This is an illuminating meeting between musicians who share similar cultural background and creative directions. Trumpeter Amir ElSaffar is an Iraqi-American whose work has fused elements of jazz and the maqam music of Iraq. His CD-length suite from 2007, Two Rivers, was a triumph of synthesis and vision. Tenor saxophonist Hafez Modirzadeh is an older Iranian-American who has worked with jazz forms and Persian dastgah to develop his own tonal system that he dubs "chromodal," suggesting perhaps the "harmolodics" of Ornette Coleman, with whom Modirzadeh has played.- Stuart Broomer, All About Jazz


AMIR ELSAFFAR, trumpet, voice
HAFEZ MODIRZADEH,  tenor saxophone
ALEX CLINE, drums.


RADIF-E KAYHAN (Hafez Modirzadeh)
01. Facet One
02. Facet Two
03. Facets Three/Four
04. Facets Five/Six
05. Facets Seven/Eight
06. Facet Nine
07. Facet Ten
08. Facets Eleven/Twelve
COOPER SUITE (Amirm ElSaffar)
09. Introduction: Copper Refraction
10. Post-Idiomatic Blues/Cells A
11. Doves Over Zion (Dream of the Beloved)/Duet Interlude
12. Uganda/Trio Interlude
13. Bird of Prey
14. Awj/Ancestral Memory
15. Quintuplets/Triptych/Bass Solo
16.All Said and Done/Sirens/Reverence.