Jorge Lopez Ruiz

B.A. Jazz (SS-004)

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B.A. Jazz

Jorge Lopez Ruiz



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Great early work from Jorge Lopez Ruiz – an Argentine bassist who we already know for his more experimental recordings in the 70s – already sounding like a committed modernist here at the start of the 60s, in very hip group that also includes a young Gato Barbieri on tenor! The titles a reference to Buenos Airies Jazz – music that really seems to reflect the hipper sound of that important national capitol – as Ruiz works here with a very cool group that reminds us of some of the best Italian modernists of the same time – able to absorb the best styles of the American scene, but deliver them with a very special flavor, and a surprising degree of soul! The titles here are a mix of numbers by Ruiz, John Coltrane, Gato Barbieri, and others – played by a group that features the young Gato on tenor, alongside Roberto Fernandez on trumpet, Ruben Lopez Furst on piano, and Pichi Mazzei on drums.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Pablo
  • A2. Tema Para Gatofon
  • A3. Like Sonny
  • A4. Hiroshima
  • A5. Berklee Waltz
  • A6. Michele
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Siento Algo
  • B2. Gizela
  • B3. Village Blues
  • B4. Summertime
  • B5. Trauma
  • B6. Vicky