A. K. Salim

Afro-Soul / Drum Orgy (PR 7379)

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Afro-Soul / Drum Orgy

A. K. Salim


PR 7379

LPS 114187

PR 7379



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Incredible! This is a stunning set of African-inspired jazzy percussion tracks – similar to some of the work done by Art Blakey on his Orgy In Rhythm albums, but with a lot better horn work, and with an overall conception that's much more unified! AK Salim did some sleepier work for Savoy in the 50s – but by the time of this 1965 recording, he was emerging as a progressive composer with a strong talent for bringing together disparate moods and styles. This rare recording was one of his best works ever, and it's one of the most unusual sides cut by Prestige in the 60s. It features Johnny Coles, Pat Patrick, and Yusef Lateef out front on horns – plus backing by a host of Latin and African percussionists. Tracks are very long – and the reed work of Lateef and Patrick makes the set especially worthwhile for jazz listeners.


  • Pat Patrick - baritone & alto sax, flute
  • Osvaldo Martinez - bongos, congas
  • A.K. Salim -arranger, conductor
  • Juan Cadaviejo, Marcelino Valdes - congas
  • Julio Callazo - shaker, congas
  • Yusef Lateef - tenor sax, flute
  • William Correa - timbales
  • Johnny Coles - trumpet
  • Philemon Hou - xylophone

Recorded: New York, October 8, 1964


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Afrika
  • A2 Ngomba Ya Tempo
  • SIDE B
  • B1 Kumuamkia Mzulu
  • B2 Pepo Za Sarari