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Exoplanet (AS155)

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Rob Frye

Astral Spirits


LPS 164580




LP 20,64 €

The first album as a leader from Rob Frye – and a set that's likely to be the start of a big creative wave to come! Rob serves up a very unusual instrumental blend here – one that's heavy on percussion and keyboards, but used in a very organic setting – not one that's moody or atmospheric, but which has sort of a rising power that really gets at the planetary vision of Frye's music! Rob himself plays woodwinds and electronics – and other musicians include Quin Kirchner and Tommaso Moretti on drums, Cooper Crain and Dan Quinlivan on electronics, Edbrass Brasil on woodwinds, and Ben Lamar Gay on cornet! The sound is wonderful – very hard to describe in words – and titles include "Intercosmos", "Jupiter Control", "Lightship Sgr A Sgr", "Goldilocks", and "Sunrise On Pruhina".


  • ROB FRYE - compositions, woodwinds, synthesizers
  • COOPER CRAIN - electric organ, synthesizers
  • DANIEL QUINLIVAN - synthesizer, electronics, wurlitzer
  • BEN LAMAR GAY - cornet and wurlitzer
  • TOMMASO MORETTI - drums (right channel)
  • QUIN KIRCHNER - drums (left channel)
  • MACIE STEWART - violin on tracks 2, 5, and 7
  • NICK CIONTEA - synthesizer on tracks 3 and 4
  • EDBRASS BRASIL - wind instruments and voice track 3 and 5


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Sunrise on Pruhina
  • A2. XC175020
  • A3. Innercosmos
  • A4. Jupiter Control
  • SIDE B
  • B1. XC222182 feat. Edbrass Brasil
  • B2. Lightship Sgr A Star
  • B3. Goldilocks
  • B4. Sunset on Jgelu