Ian Carr

Solar Session (JIB-25-S-CD)

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Solar Session

Ian Carr

Jazz In Britain


DRJ 164926




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The group's listed here as the Double Quintet of trumpeter Ian Carr, but the sound is right next to the best work of his Nucleus group for Vertigo Records – a groundbreaking blend of jazz and electric elements, served up in a style that's very different from American work of the time!

At one level, Carr and his group mates have this sophisticated style that's awash in complicated colors and very rich tones – but at another, they're able to open up and really let things fly – not really in prog directions, or avant improvisation either – but with a very freewheeling spirit that has Ian and the group exploding with new ideas all the way through!


  • Ian Carr - trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Harold Beckett - trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Brian Smith - soprano and tenor
  • Tony Robert - tenor and bass clarinet
  • Karl Jenkins - oboe, electric piano
  • Chris Spedding - guitar
  • Ron Mathewson - bass guitar
  • Jeff Clyne - bass
  • John Marshall - drums
  • Chris Karan - congas
  • Keith Winter - synthesizer

Recorded live in stuidio, London, October 26, 1970


  • 01. Element 1
  • 02. Bedrock Deadlock
  • 03. Spirit Level
  • 04. Torso
  • 05. Snakehips’ Dream